20 Jan '15

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Get to know me; I’m in love!


Let me just say; I’m in love, with these photos. I’m not O.T.Genesis and I’m not in love with coco like the original words of the song. But the past … Read More

08 Jan '15


Get to know me, this year!!!

First of all, let me yell “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to you, I hope you had a great start to the year, being with the people that make you happy and feel loved.  May all your dreams, aims and … Read More

16 Dec '14


Get to know me; from the Coat-side, in!

Thanks to the colder months, my new style will  have to start from the outside; in. The winter coat is the most coveted staple this time of year and everyone wants to get it right, especially me.  It’s … Read More

Get to know me; My first dungarees

It’s all about the dungarees baby

I haven’t felt the need to invest in the dungarees trend until now. Why? I didn’t want to buy them for the fashion sake. I spotted these black faux leather dungarees … Read More

19 Nov '14


Get to know me, volume 1

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

Get to know me; My name is Lessette and at this current time I’m a 28 year old londoner at the beginning of a new career path (scary). After a fashion degree, numerous of … Read More


From the beginning

Today has been a day, the central line (London underground train line) decides to mess up my perfectly plan, arrive on time, plan, and get shit done, plan!! Huah. Amongst the secret rage brewing, cramped … Read More

Take a look behind Project 1; Selfie rehab

The Selfie rehab projected started with a collaboration, between Brand; Indigo Pink and Photographer JC. The urban brand, designs and produces T-shirts, hats and hoodies with controversial slogans and thought provoking logos which captivated Photographer JC’s eye … Read More

The Beauty & Opportunity

Take a look at the beauty of this scenery?

This grassy plain lives only 10 minutes away (by car) from where I live. I always drive past this messy main full of over grown grass (so I thought). And … Read More

17 Aug '14


Do you, stand up tall?

“Stand on truth and deliver with power”

Stand up tall!!! Is the thought that came to mind when I was editing these photos. (By the way, how great do theses photos look, well done Chezure) They give an optical … Read More

Do you have the confidence?

Confidence Do we really need it?

What is confidence? I often wonder what it REALLY is and where it comes from and why it’s such a valid belief, skill or emotion to have. This Confidence thing can … Read More