June 2, 2014

3 Reasons you can’t pick SHOES over CLOTHES

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3 reasons, shoes front cover

3 Simple reasons why you CAN not pick SHOES over Clothes

(if you LOVE fashion)

I am often asked “which do you prefer more, SHOES or CLOTHES” and to be honest that question really pisses me off (excuse my language). If you love FASHION and consider yourself to have great STYLE or be on the verge of discovering great style (referring to myself here). How can you pick between the two.

I tell you how……………… YOU CAN’T!!

1) To have great style or to understand styling means you have an appreciation for the complete look and adore fashion and its concepts. You have to be a great buyer and style towards a grand vision inspired by someone or something.  Yeah, you have certain items you love more than others but as a whole, how can you choose or love clothes more, yet see shoes as a means to an end and vice versa.

2) There is nothing more annoying than a person wearing something beautifully made, like a dress and then looking down and their shoes do not go with the flow of the entire look or outfit. ( That’s like finding the perfect MAN who’s gorgeous and has a good job, SINGLE, no BABIES, the right AGE, ready to settle down, likes you and then as you talk to him more you realise he has no substance.) Basically, his boring!!


white cut out shoes 1

Having a keen eye for style or fashion means you understand the simple maths of OUTFIT building. For example; adding dimension to the body, subtracting the worse features or cons of a person’s body shape, multiplying and sometimes dividing a look, all so you can come to the correct result.

And the final REASON simple yet strong.

3) NO outfit is complete without great shoes and great clothes.

So yes, I get offended when asked if I prefer shoes over clothes or reverse. It’s like asking a FLY if he or she prefers its wings or eyes when flying or asking a CAT to pick between its tail or paws.

You get my point, YOU CAN NOT PICK!!!.

Now, if the question was reworked and asked like this “What is your favourite fashion item in your wardrobe at the moment” (see how that sounds better)

My reply would be; my new pair or white gladiator cut out SHOES from LINZI SHOES.

 They are AMAZING!!

white cut out shoes (2)

When I first saw these I thought “how the hell, do LINZI shoes have these and nobody else” And when I saw the price (of £40) I thought I must be dreaming or in an alternate reality. Because these were and are AMAZING!!!.

At the time i did not have the money for them so i didn’t upset myself further by trying them on. And for a week i was literally dreaming of how and where i can wear them.


white cut out shoes

If like me, you have fallen in love at the first sight and want to bag yourself these bad boy gladiator shoes from Linzi Shoes.

Here are a few tips to insure you are happy with your purchase.

  1. Try on. If you are an internet shopper I advise to go down to your nearest store and try these babies on. I bought mine from Stratford Westfield’s located on level 1 opposite forever 21 and nearest the exit ,entrance leading to Marks & Sparks (Marks and Spencer’s)
  2. Wear a dress or shorts. The worst thing you can do is; to wear jeans or something restricting when trying gladiators because you won’t know if the straps fit your leg and you will most likely get hot and bothered trying to fix the straps and ect.
  3. Go down a size, I found that the size 5 (my actually shoe size) were too big around my feet and it affected the way the straps fitted around my legs especially my calf.
  4. Adjust the straps. I felt more comfortable with a size 4 but that meant that, some of the straps felt a bit tight around my leg. So I adjusted the top and bottom straps to feel more comfortable. And hey presto they were fine.
  5. Enjoy, these shoes are a beauty and rare. I haven’t seen any other high street store with these shoes.

OH i forgot to mention that Linzi shoes do not have a refund policy in store,it’s exchange or gift card only.

Thank you for reading, make sure you check out last weeks post about my birthday. And feel free to take a look about my website Outfittingu.

white cut out shoes 3

white cut out shoes 5 Outfittingme


  1. good point you cant choose between the two! love your shorts

    • Lessette

      Thanks hun,the shorts are from warehouse

  2. Great post!!! This message should def be taken onboard by the sneakerheads. Thee is no way to answer that question

  3. No way to choose between the two..could not agree more. Like tea fro two but there’s only one person… nice post!

  4. Your cut out gladiators are amazing. Love, Love, LOVE!!! I’m now following you on Bloglovin, I’d love it if you could follow me too? xx

  5. I love the colour of your shorts . The shoes look good on you – not sure if it’ would suit me

  6. I’m a senior and those shoes would be totally inappropriate for me, but wow, do I love them. And you really show them off well.
    I love shoes – I asked for a pair for Christmas and my husband told me he wasn’t buying me shoes – if I wanted them to go buy them but since I truly didn’t need them, I couldn’t justify the expense. Thank goodness, got them anyway.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Amazing love ur style so rock great jobxxx
    You are welcome to check my blog —

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