May 6, 2014

7 Essentials

My 7 Essentials


Today’s 7 essentials; Where would I be on the style scale of my own mind, without my;

1) Navy high rise skinny’s

2) Black leather jacket,

3) Mid-weight fitted jumper,

4) Statement Necklace or choker,

5) Oversized handbag,

6) Dressy scarf and last but not least,

7) A good pair of patterned loafers.

The answer; I would be lost (lol)

essentials 1

This week has been really really busy, I’ve been handing out leaflets around bank, wardrobe organising in Essex and meeting loads of new people. My list of today 7 essentials sounds like a lonnnnnng list, i know, but it’s just a standard outfit.

In a week that is filled with appointments, stretched hours and quick lunches all you want is a go to outfit that is comfortable, simple yet stylish and creates interest (conversation or maybe inspiration).

We are all responsible for impacting each other’s lives, silently through subtle inspiration. We look at our neighbours cars, ask our friends for recommended services or places and most of us can recall asking a stranger where she bought her shoes. Even if the first thought of another persons appearance is negative it sparks a positive reaction which is another form of inspiration.


Picture your rushing home from work in a crowded station and you witness a guy fall down the stairs like this.

7 essentials 1

If you saw this happen to someone your awareness would automatically spark a thought that can result in a positive inspiration. I would think “Lessette be aware and present when walking down the stairs, don’t carry so much stuff, look what happened to him, be safe”

What would be your thought?



Picture you’re waiting in the queue with a pair of fluffy boots, which you think is great only because it’s in the summer sale. You think “buy now, wear in the winter” but you’re not 100% sure. And then all of a sudden you see this girl walk in ,wearing the exact same boots you’re about to buy.

7 essentails

If this happened to you, your awareness of how it could look, if styled wrong would automatically spark a thought that can result in a positive inspiration. I would think “ Am I sure I want this, mmm, is there any other way i can style this, that will make it look better” and if i don’t have a visually in mind i would walk out the queue and not buy them, saving myself money, time and wardrobe space for something i really want and like.

What would you do and think?

Anyway, my 7 essentials for that day ticked all my boxes, comfortable, stylish and ect. I felt confident in my appearance without distracting me away from my main cause or planned objectives.

        essentials          essentials 2



  1. I seriously love the scarf. I have way too few scarves in my life.

  2. I have all those essentials so I’m set! Love your scarf. It’s gorgeous!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. Hi! I just recently found Outfittingu and your services and now I have found your amazing blog. I really love what Outfittingu stands for. You spoke about subtle inspirations in this post and you have been just that for me! I aspire to start my own personal styling business. I would love to connect with you on a more personal level to discuss this business.. I would love if you would get back in contact with me.


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