What do you, want to know about us? Find out about the stylist and why OUTFITTINGU was born.


My Name is Lessette and I am the proprietor and main stylist of OUTFITTINGU. I have a fashion degree and have worked in retail for over 5 years; four of these years have been in a management position in an established company. I keep up to date with new trends and fashion blogs, being inspired by everyday style, fabrics and people. My promise is to stay creative and driven by instinct. xxx

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MY LOVE FOR FASHION BEGAN… when I started secondary school. I was surrounded by fashion/ designer conscious teenagers and when it came to my first non-school uniform day I realised quickly that I was dressing like an 8 year old (lol, I can laugh now). I noticed in seconds that I did not dress fashionable and in my desperate attempt to not stand out in the wrong way, I changed my outfit. I went to the toilets and rolled up my flared lime green trousers to cover up the daisy trim and took off my matching lime green belly top, thank god I was wearing a white tailored shirt underneath ( I’m shaking my head, right now as I recall this painful memory). From then I VOWED to be fashionable and became my first CLIENT, I now advocate change and TRANSITION through different stages of my life with fashion. It has been hard and challenging but as scary as it sounds the results have been rewarding to my self-confidence.

My name is Paula Mukadaya and I am a part time stylist at OUTFITTINGU. I have worked in retail from the age of 17 and I am currently studying business management, my aim is to learn about business affairs which will then hopefully materials in to my dream goal of one day running my own business. Serious stuff a side I am in love with fashion, I sleep, eat and breathe it. To me fashion is an everyday growth that allows many of us to express are mental and emotional journey. Fashion can be therapeutic when put in to practice in the right settings and surrounded by the right people (plus it’s cheaper than talking to a therapist, Lol). I keep current with fashion through magazines going into stores, celebrities, and blogs. I’m very confident with my styling abilities my personal style is quaky, creative and limitless.

I look forward to meeting many of you in the soon to be present. xxx

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MY LOVE FOR FASHION STARTED… when I was very young. I used to love watching my mother, aunties and older sisters get dressed all the time and it was one of my favourite things to do. I KNOW now that was what INFLUENCED me and taught me to have a key eye to fashion. Through my FAMILY I learnt how to put outfits together and understand the importance of key shapes, fabrics, body types and statement piece items and accessories. In school I used to be the girl that BROKE uniform rules but only because it’s was boring. And that’s what fashion is all about once you know the basic format you can then BREAK THE RULES.



We understand how sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough time in a day, due to life becoming more adventurous and compact.

We also understand that making the right fashion choice can also affect your confidence, perception and mood as well as others around you. And mixing the two can become stressful and annoying. (Especially if the retail assistant isn’t being that friendly or helpful in locating your perfect outfit.)
We know this because we’ve been there and we’ve witnessed it countless of times. So this experience gives us an instant connection to our clients and their needs, It sounds simply but it’s so important. The art of compassion is one of our moral rules and the main answer to the WHY?


Our story


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OUTFITTINGU was created over 8 years ago by Lessette. The dream was and still is; to share and spread knowledge about fashion, trends and styling.

Lessette has always questioned the theory of what makes great style? And if achieved what are the individual ingredients? In the pursuit of her own style, Lessette understood that connecting with herself and letting go of:

Self made restrictions,
Social group pressure and
Media poison (what they think we shouldn’t do in regards to age, gender etc).

Combined with:

A keen eye for detail,
Mixing fabric textures and
Adding her personal character to an outfit.

This made her personal style grow into great style that Lessette felt confident in. The next logical step was to find a platform that will help Lessette connect with other people who wanted help with their personal style hence OUTFITTINGU.

OUTFITTINGU is a vessel to help and assist the journey of Great Style.

 Are colours Symbolises the ethos and practises of our stylists;




These are all the tools needed to creating the TRUE YOU!

Lessette has dedicated OUTFITTINGU to her dear friends RICHARD and TONY.

Through experiencing the loss of their lives she has become more connected to her HEART and the feeling of LOVE and COMPASSION. All important qualities needed to connect with a clients DREAM to explore the possibilities through PASSION and to use DETERMINATION in creating and producing your TRUE and PERFECT STYLE.

 Come to OUTFITTINGU for your personal fashion needs. And we will bring the retail to you!!!!!

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