May 25, 2014

Birthday Girl!!

It's my BIRTHDAY i can scream if i want to!!!

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birthday girl

My thoughts on my birthday!!!!


Last Sunday it was my Birthday, I turned 28. (Let’s take a moment of silence) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. and done.

This will sound strange when I say it but I never actually thought that turning 30 would happen so quickly (thinking ahead here, bare with me). When you’re in your early twenties you know its coming but you think “that’s so faaaaaaaar away”. And then BAAM it’s literally a couple of street turnings away (my version of saying it’s round the corner). And even though I know I’m not 30, yet, the mourning process for my 20’s have already began.

Why? Because I’m officially a GROWN-UP!!!! The excuse “well, I’m only young” will seriously have to be thought about before I utter those words.  Most people my age have settled down, married and or have children and mentally I feel I am no way near that stage of my life yet.

Do I feel social and media pressure? Yeah, a little bit, but I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m not ready to experience that yet and plus when it’s supposed to happen I know I will just flow into it. Luckily for me, my mother’s young jean has kicked in and I still look as if I’m in the mid stages of my 20’s (thank you mum)


birthday girl and cathy

Well initially my plan was to make NO plans for my birthday. That’s right the birthday girl was refusing to celebrate in the weeks approaching the day. But having fabulous friends mean they don’t allow you to sit at home and wallow. So my friend Cathy arranged for us to meet up on Sunday (which was the actually day of my birthday) and go for lunch up Brentwood.

Cathy, mum and I enjoyed the beautiful weather, each other’s company and the food of course. WE went to ZIZIs a nice Italian inspired restaurant (which I’m sure you’re all aware of). Then we sipped some cocktails in the local slug and lettuce before setting off home to continue the rest of my birthday celebration with my home girl Carly.

2014-05-18 17.51.11  Birthday drinks

I hadn’t seen Cathy in ages (I think nearly a year) so when she called to take me out for my birthday, I was delighted and didn’t hesitate.  I meet Cathy over 8 years ago when we both worked for Jane Norman and we instantly clicked. She is a ray of sunshine and whenever I’m with her something memorable always happens.

Remember that R.Kelly song “feistier” featuring Jay-z well there a line that Jay-z raps “after the show there’s a after party and after the party it’s the hotel lobby and…….” well, then he goes on, but my point is after food and a couple of drinks with Cathy I then meet up with Carly and carried on celebrating my birthday till it weren’t my birthday no more.


Carly I’ve known since I was 13 she is definitely more than a bestie she is family, she tells me when I’m wrong, lifts me up when I’m down and we always have a good time together.

birthday girl and carly



What to wear?

It took me less than 5 minutes to decide. I wore my distressed denims that I customised myself you can read more about my inspiration behind the customising here. Peep toe wedges from Linz shoes (old) a cute little bag and sleeveless shirt from Warehouse (both old) and my chucky orange necklace from Zara (new).

I wanted to look creative in a relaxed way and i feel like i achieved it with this look. Especially with my distressed denims (that i customised), mixing and matching different textures and patterns like my pinstripe bag, bold tilled bangles and my chunky orange necklace which matched my lippy on the day.

The best looks or styled OUTFITS are the ones that look effortless and as the years tick by this is the aim of my personal STYLE.

birthday girl 3 birthday girl 1 birthday girl 2Outfittingme






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