March 7, 2014


Welcome to my style blog; Outfittingme!!

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Hello peeps, and welcome to my style blog; Outfittingme!!

This look was inspired by the skirt, I bought this skirt just after the new year in the River Island sale for the bargain price of £10; it’s from the Rihanna collection. As impractical as this skirt maybe, I fell in love with it as soon as my hand touched the hanger. An on my way to the fitting room I prayedddddddd for it to look horrible so that I wouldn’t buy it, but as soon as my little toe  dipped into the waist of the skirt I knew that this skirt was sold!!!!

I wore this outfit out to celebrate one of my besties birthday (happy birthday Vicki) I will wear this skirt again in a casual setting, so do stay tuned to see how I style it.

Nude bodysuit: American apparel; here

Black slim line blazer: similar; here

Crochet Rihanna midi skirt: Ebay; here

Gold square belt: Warehouse; here (actual belt worn on the reverse)

Blue strappy heels: similar colour; here

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chosen image


IMG_2492                       IMG_2481



  1. Gurrrl you are pretty! This is a really cool outfit and you know when I saw the skirt my initial thought was I could see Rihanna wearing that little did I know that she designed it. It’s perfectly styled, love the you added a pop of colour with the shoes. x

  2. What a hot look!!

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