July 6, 2014

Can your looks make you a success?

Are you the next Kim Kardashian?

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Do looks play a vital part of success?

This week’s post took me over a week and a half to write, why? I didn’t like my subject; I was supposed to write a post about festivals and how i prepare. But i didn’t feel a connection to what i was writing about and when i read it back, the flow of the post felt generic and unnatural, so i thought “scrap it”.  I guess i didn’t know what to write so i thought “capitalise on the festival theme and talk about it” but the more i tapped on the keyboard of my laptop the more i knew this is not what i should be talking about.

Last night while watching Ash being saved from eviction of big brother and catching up on the KARDASHIAN, I thought “ Can a person’s looks determine how successful they are in life”. I don’t know if you’re watching BIG BROTHER but, cut a long story short; Ash is a Male model with a nice smile, a chiselled body, piercing eyes and a sharp tongue. In the house he is perceived to be a school boy bully, arrogant and some-time-ish person (basically his shallow). And after weeks of BOOS from the crowd, shallow comments and rude behaviour, this week he was saved yet again from eviction.festival wear


Are his looks helping him stay longer in big brother?

Let’s face it, the majority of people picking up the phone to vote or save are, women. We love to be interactive and feel involved with shows like this. (i don’t, i always vote the opposite way to the public, so i get vex when the person i like gets kicked off, so i don’t bother now LOL)

If women are the majority vote did Ash stay in this week because he’s a beautiful? And if so, is that fair? Are women or the public not judging people by their personality?

Big brother is a social experiment for inside and outside the house, it shows us, are behaviour pattern as a nation. So if Ash has displayed some unsavoury behaviour which can be seen as shallow, should he have been saved this week?

This then gets me thinking about KIM KARDASHIAN;does her success rest on the back of her beauty. Are women and men obsessed with her because she is beautiful? Do we watch her show, buy her products, and follow her on social media, because she looks good?

Everyone’s perception of beauty is different and i believe that Kim is beautiful. I love the reality show and i follow her on Instagram because i love the way she looks and dresses. I haven’t purchased any of her make-up products, perfume or clothing but I’m still helping her brand by watching the show and using her style as inspiration for myself.

So if Ash and Kim are getting by on their looks, how many of us received a job, been promoted, received free stuff or discount, been let off of a parking ticket or fine because of our looks.success wear 3

How shocking is that!!

There is so much pressure to look good, have the perfect hair, skin,weight and body type. Are we aiming for perfection and beauty because we WANT too or because we HAVE too?

Are we doing all this for a better life? My friend told me once that because she was plus size she believed that a certain retailer who she use to work for, would only give her jobs in the stockroom. She believed that because she was a size 16 and the store didn’t cater for her shape, that the boss or company would only give her night shifts when the store was closed. So she wouldn’t have to work on the shop floor serving customers, face to face.  I was SOO shocked when she revealed this and I kept asking her if she was sure. But who am I to question how somebody else feels.

There are times when i feel like my appearance has hindered me and helped me get by. Sometimes i feel that the colour of my skin can affect others perception of me especially in certain areas and countries.  And other times i am aware that my style of dressing can get me noticed in a positive light and certain people are more open to talk to me. Again it all depends on the perception of beauty, I definitely feel that a lot of us judge others by their appearance especially powerful and successful inderviduals and thats sad.

We are suppose to be forward thinking individuals but i can’t help but wonder; is it all a show? Are we still living in a world where personality and skill rank last on the list of success? What do you think? Have you ever experienced your looks getting you by or hindering you?

I would love to know?

Have you read my latest post, i talk about how my love for blogging began feel free to look through my website i am also a stylist so get in touch if you need my assistance.


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  1. nice shots there! 😀

  2. Yup. I totally agree with the comments voiced here. I think there is way too much emphasis on looking good, ALL THE TIME.. I just read an article that 30% of women are now getting cosmetic surgery done so that they can look better on social media. Shocking!

  3. Natalie

    The media do tend to focus to much on looks rather than award people based on hard work and merit. Not only does it sends the wrong message to the youth it also contributes to the vain society we now live. I loove TOWIE but how looks obsessed are they?

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