Sessions are for identifying your needs, budget and completion date.

The consultation is a much needed introduction to our stylist and service that can last for 30 minute to an hour depending on your needs and the service or package that you’re interested in.

You wouldn’t book a cosmetic procedure without understanding the full process of a individual and life changing experience,understanding the final result and meeting the person one on one who you will trust with your confidence and decision, booking a service with Outfittingu is no different or less serious.

We pride ourselves with fulfilling your personal brief and the more in depth the consultation the better and closer we are to a fully valued experience and achieving success.

We want to thank you for choosing Outfittingu and would like to reiterate how important we value you as a client.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your experience so far and look forward to meeting you at your consultation to discuss your vision and turn theory into reality.

Consultation price: £65

Finding your requirements

Finding your requirements

Our Mission

We will bring service back to the world of retail and shopping, most people get disheartened by the current service delivered or confused by the shop lay out in a store. It’s so distracting with all the discount signs, music and other things all customers want is a bit of advice and help from the sales assistant on trends and body shape but sometimes you never know if their helping you or helping the figures.
And others work so hard that when they do shop it’s either online or a quick visit to the store at the most busiest day or time. Where you have to queue for the fitting room and wait to pay or refund in yet another queue by the till.
We are here to solve it, our job is to wait in the queues and shift through all the rails so you dont have to, when you don’t want to!!
Because we bring the retail to you at the comfort of your own home.

Company Overview

To bring the service back into retail and shopping, with so many hard workers out there we just want to install the word and feeling of PERSONAL and FUN back to fashion and retail for all men and women in London and Essex.