April 26, 2014

D.I.Y Denim

D.I.Y Denim

D.I.Y Denim

Hey peeps, this week I did a bit of D.I.Y on denim, I customised a pair of my dad’s old old old jeans. Not one for D.I.Y, I had a sudden inspiration to make my own pair of heavily distressed denims after seeing so many fab pictures on insta I thought “mmmm I wonder …..” (This is the part where I normally dream of the perfect outcome and what they would look like).

I studied fashion and clothing in college and university  ( I’ve made two collections which both consisted of 6 or more individual items)  I understand  the method of construction so this should mean I’m good at customising, right?! OH boy I wish it did but NO, no it doesn’t , (not at all) you have to have a keen eye for detail and the ability to know when to stop, which I don’t have, or didn’t (many failed customised items later, helped me realise this fact or conclusion).

But this was in my younger years when I thought wearing everything at once was stylish, now I realise the perfection in minimal touches to an outfit to make it stand out and I guess that’s why my D.I.Y denim turned out well.

D.I.Y Denim 2

What do you think? Did I do well? Over the top I know and not for everyone but I love the finished look, I feel it has a certain chic- ness to it, I have a feeling that these might end up being my favourite pair of go to denims this summer (you know, the pair that you pick up out of comfort cause you know it will look good) in fact if you catch me in the summer and I am not wearing these, there is something wrong with me. If you follow me on instagram just brace yourself for the amount of times, you will see me style this with different things.

D.I.Y denim 1

So i styled the denims with a loose fitting tee,taking inspiration from the following pictures, you can see that the more slouchy the better. I believe the more effortless and untamed  the styling is, the closer you’ll get to achieving this chic look. (I must admit that my styling looks a bit rock-ish due to the tee but believe me i will try adding a white shirt to capture that pairs chic-ness).

D.I.Y Denim trainers 2

Front view of my customised denim, D.I.Y baby!!

D.I.Y Denim heelsOutfittingme with strapline







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