October 9, 2015


exposed front pageI have been conflicted for weeks after being exposed to the true cost of fashion documentary.

My bad buying habits have been revealed leaving me with deep thoughts on what type of consumer I want to become.

This has affected my voice in terms of blogging as I no longer want to continue the cycle of thoughtless shopping that potentially have negative under currents or side effects on the human race and the 1 So where do I begin and how?
Easy; think more, recycle my outfits more and be picky with when, where and what I buy. As well as changing the conversation buy not promoting the drone-if-ca-tion of shopping, snapping pictures and promoting mini trends that are built to buy not to last.

Let’s be realistic I still love the stock of certain brands who are known not to be ethical and when I choose to privilege them with my money I am really really selective in what I choose to buy. Does it make it any better NO (full stop).exposed 2

Breaking the addiction to the unethical fast fashion cycle is going to take long periods of time in rehab, which may consist of me falling off the wagon a couple of times and purchasing into some mini trends that don’t deserve my attention, but I’m human enough to own my mistakes until I get it right.

I’m now more exposed to the treatment of others internationally and when I’m about to make a decision on blessing these stores with my money I have a long ass debate with myself (in my head) about the implications of my 3
Conversation consist of; How will this purchase benefit my style, existing clothes and how many season or years can I wear this item.

The whole point is to avoid mini trends that have temporary fixes and won’t last long. The trends that damage your self esteem  and the planet quietly without you noticing by keeping you trapped in the cycle of chasing the everlasting fashion dragon, which will only satisfy you temporarily until the next 4

This is a different level of secondary school/high school popularity thanks to social media,  If you don’t buy it, then you’re not in or you’re missing out on likes, shares and follows from randoms who don’t know you.

Will ethical shopping make a difference?To me and my style, yes; the more selective I am the better I feel about my decision and that’s what matters. My contribution as a consumer has to be thoughtful, laced with love, care and kindness. I’m taking small steps but one day my strides will be 5



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