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June 2015 Lessette Editorial “Illegal behaviours” was featured in Meade magazine power issue in print. Lessette was head stylist of this shoot and co-creative director with photographer JC from Grey pistachio and Mua Pascal . The concept was based on the empowerment of women and the power women have in their basic form.

Another Feature in 2014 two days after christmas a great end to the year, check out Huf Magazine for the full menswear editorial ” A life that doesn’t fit”. Lessette Shei was the head stylist and co-creative director of the photoshoot along with the fabulous photographer JC from grey pistachio and MUA Christiana. This editorial was based on living a life that doesn’t feel comfortable or make logical sense, demonstrated through androgynous styling.


Check Out NIJI MAGAZINE for the full menswear editorial “SELFIE REHAB”. This feature was published on Tuesday the 2nd of September 2014. Lessette Shei was the head stylist of this concept, collaborating with photographer JC, head MUA Christiana and designer Brand Indigo pink. This editorial was based on technology and its distractions and disconnection, the styling was inspired by Joey Essex and his impeccable way of dressing. photo05

Check out PATENT MAGAZINE for the full Wallflower editorial. Lessette Shei assisted, Head stylist Porscha Robinson-Foster on this shoot ;Wallflower,interview with Courtney Bennett and another editorial called Decked Out. Lessette explains in her blog Outfittingme how she meet Porscha and what important lessons she learnt on these featured editorial. Wallflower-7

Lessette the owner and main stylist at Outfittingu features on sky channel 329 on Thursday 14th april 2014 talking all things fashion and trend related with presenter Maria Lemba from the Buzz. (Tv appearance). Remember to pop by Lessette style blog Outfitting-me every saturday and discover her style.

Lessette discusses the trends; distressed denim, chokers, footwear “chunky tread” and the it colour “Orange”.