January 20, 2015

Get to know me; I’m in love!

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i'm in love front cover



Let me just say; I’m in love, with these photos. I’m not O.T.Genesis and I’m not in love with coco like the original words of the song. But the past week i have been obsessing over this song and these set of photos for my blog. Let’s just say i thought i was a MODEL in this look, i loved my outfit, the makeup that i done and i loved taking pictures against this back drop, there’s something so chic and designer-ish about it and in my eyes it looks GOOD. This was all natural light, no reflects and just the standard lens you get with the camera,  all i can say is SHEI done well people, SHEI done well. And by SHEI i mean my mum, who is my photographer (our surname is Shei so I’m being smart with the word play) Ms Shei takes all my pictures for my blog (bless her) and today SHEI was on fire. Not convinced with my chosen backdrop she went ahead and took the pictures anyway and aren’t they AMAZING.

I’m in love with -The Outfit

im in love pic 2ERRR yeah, originally i wore this outfit to my family Christmas dinner but due to getting struck by the flu half way through my family gathering. I didn’t have the health or the energy to take pictures, which means i had to recreate this look for you because i loved it so much. There were a few subtle changes i made this time around, for example; my hair was originally straight, I wore a different style sock and I this time i opted for black lipstick.

Now, let me tell you why I’m in love with these pho-to; the outfit, the colour scale of grey, gun-metal and black, the jumper with the side splits (ooooooo wwe), the texture of the skirt and my backless shoes from in love pic 4


I have stayed away from polo necks for so long due to the fact that i believed it didn’t suit me and last year i decided to ditch the 10 year ban and stretch my fashion neck by investing in not 1 or 2 but 5 jumpers with a polo neck.  When i bought this jumper i knew i had to take full advantage of the split sides. This was the perfect opportunity to expose another texture underneath to create interest. Look at it, it’s such a sexy jumper and the length is perfect for me it’s so easy to hide a skirt or shorts and create the illusion that your just wearing the jumper.


I love tassels and i love skirts! and this skirt ticked all my love boxes, it was an online purchase from H&M; so i was hoping that the skirt wasn’t going to be a disappointment by looking totally different from what i imagined or what it looked like on-line. But as you can see the skirt is a beaut and yes it moves like a dream especially when the wind blows, It also had a matching cropped jacket with long sleeves witch i loved but didn’t need or see fitting in with my style.


And the Shoes, though…………

im in love pic 3Need I say anymore, just look at them!!! I wore these socks because it was too cold to wear bare legs and I felt like tights would have killed the whole vibe. What do you think?

I’m in love with the –Makeup

im in love pic 5I’m keeping it very simple; foundation, concealer, bronzer, contour and lipstick.  Reading that back makes me think it’s not so simple lol. So ill rephrase it by saying “i’m keeping it very plain”. I’m rediscovering my whole approach to makeup so i want to nail the basics before i really start experimenting. I love this lipstick colour it’s so dramatic, i’m usually a light colour addict but it’s all about switching it up and trying new things. I’m thinking that my new everyday makeup “thing” will be wearing bold lip colour. So i need to add more interesting colours to my collection, i have my eye on grey and blue lipstick but i want the pigment to be strong with a matt finish. Im on the lookout but i haven’t found any yet, if you know any brands that tick my love boxes please find me on instagram or twitter and @ me.

im in love pic 1


The secret is up; you now know what I’m in love with, what are you in love with this season add a link below so i can be noisy and see.

Thanks for reading and check out my latest post if you haven’t already.



  1. Ayisha
  2. Your outfit is creative and unique. Your explanation of this look provided great insight. My mother used to take my outfit pictures too until I moved away from outfit of the day postings. I know how much work it takes to put together an outfit of the day post with a catchy description. I salute you.


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