February 13, 2015

Get to know me; still on trend.

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still on trend

My eyebrows are on fleek (whatever that means), i’m getting too old for this s#@t

Fashion week is so close peeps which means new season, new trends, new styling ideas and much more inspiration. The buzz and excitement are all cramped tight in a couple of days which are sealed shut to the public only to be reviled 6 months later (what a wait). But when that special month arrives you know that Vogue and Elle have you covered with the “catwalk edit”, despite my personal opinions regarding their content this is the one time I value their perspective on the trends.  The basic edit mag cost £5 or above but the in depth version cost nearly £30 ( i know, it’s expensive) but this is a whole magazine, 200 + pages dedicated to the latest trends; covering hair, makeup, accessories, footwear and catwalk favourites, think the bible. I don’t take these issues for simple (meaning for granted) as i normally obsess over the same pages and images for weeks and sometimes even months hoping that the inspiration has seeded my subconscious.

still on trend 1

This season trends are decorative denim, the colour green, Blue on blue tonal dressing, ombre lips and big earrings, all of the above have well and truly been ticked off my list and explored, tick, tick, done and done, still on trend.

The Outfit

still on trend 3

What a cold day it was, when i wore this look my ankles were screaming “cover me up, bitch”. I was not prepared, which is weird being that it is winter (the shame). Now I know, tis the season not to wear ballet flats and exposed ankles unless there’s some serious type of coverage going on e.g socks or tights.

My family and i was celebrating my grandmother’s birthday in a restaurant called blue bells based in Chigwell this restaurant servers the best Creme brulee i have ever tasted and the biggest Yorkshire puddings i have ever seen. My attire was appropriate and perfect for a chilled Sunday; i paired my emerald  green (on trend) oversized jumper from cos, layered up (apart from the ankles) with my blue printed shirt, slouchy patchwork denims (on trend) from Karen Millen sale and nude pointed flats from Kurt Geiger. I felt comfortable and stylish thanks to the slouchy jeans but if i had to wear this look again in the same weather conditions i would probably wear my new grey ankle boots.

still on trend 2


Being on trend isn’t really important, if you don’t follow them (no big deal) but it can help interpret the high street stores and their visual display. Nothing is more annoying than looking for a style of item that you can’t and won’t find because it’s not in season. I don’t follow all the trends, just the ones i believe are not fads and will suit my style. Wide cropped pants and stripes have already been added to my essentials thanks to work  but I will be adding blush tones, chunky accessories, fringing and the colour violet to my style. Most trends repeat so if you’re a smart shopper all you have to do is dig deep in your wardrobe and BAM you’re still on trend.

still on trend 4

For example flower print, denim on denim, stripes and platform shoes are all trends that are hot this season and were around a couple of years ago.  If you invested in these trends already then this year is your year, bring em out bring em out!!!!

By the way, i am now the proud owner of blue lipstick; i wrote in my last post that i was in search of this lipstick shape and after weeks of searching through instagram and countless website that don’t have distributors in the UK. The makeup store INGLOT; sell’s 4 different shades of  the colour blue, the lipstick was literally staring me straight in the face It was under my nose the whole freaking time. So be on the look out for an upcoming post with me rocking the blue, i’ll also update my makeup routine board.

Thanks for reading and check out my latest post if you haven’t already.

still on trend 5



  1. This current style is very 80s and 90s, it seems to be (who doesn’t follow fashion at all so I’m clueless!). The jacket looks cosy but I couldn’t be doing with the bare ankles – too cold for that! 🙂 I like how you’ve laid everything out in this post with your images. Very engaging 🙂

  2. I love how you’re editing your photos – so creative!
    Also that little blue bag looks AMAZINGG


  3. I wish I was this bold to try this combo. You look great ! I love the dose of green in this gloomy weather.

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