April 29, 2015

Get to know me; Apparently I’m Basic!!

"I don't even look basic, in basic clothes"

basic front cover

We are all aware of the word “basic” and its neutral meaning, it’s one of those fundamental words of any vocabulary, you would have to be completely stupid or sheltered to not have used or heard this word. For those of you who are not aware of the original meaning here is a snippet  from the dictionary;

basic meaning

It has neither a positive or negative conatation. But thanks to one smart person and American pop culture of 2014/15 the word “basic” has been re-invented into a insult.

Yes, it now has a negative meaning if related to your personality and sometimes style,so if anyone turns around to call you basic, Im here to  tell you that you’ve just been dissed, shaded, cussed and told in short terms that “YOU AINT SHIT”.

Now let me explain how I, was called basic; I am a budding stylist who is building a visual portfolio interpretating my perception of style. As I have gained profound experience I have decided to put it on paper as a resume followed by a cover letter ( as you do) to attract a new styling opportunity. It took the usual amount of time setting the basics (not used as an insult here, just its original meaning)  and once the format is in place I tweaked and  re-read it 100 times till it sounded perfect and as professional as possible. So with doing all the above I was proud of the finished result (so i thought) now all I need is a second opinion from a persons who I trust and value their point of view.basic 1

I asked my colleague and friend for her honest opinion of  both my resume and cover letter. (She has experience in styling and is currently studying fashion marketing) And after reading it she says ” I love the layout and the words you have used, but you know what; I’ve just noticed about you by reading this, Is that you down play your success and abilities allot, you come across basic”

DUM DUM DUM (the music of my life gets intense)

And there it is the pop culture insult of 2015, written in black all over my future, laptop and phone. I replied “so I am a basic bitch on paper basically” and she replied back “basically” And the dread of being boring hit me, whose going to employ someone who sounds just “all right” (in the fashion industry). I am far from bloody basic, believe me, I don’t even look basic in basic clothes. And this is execally why I asked for an outside perspective, mums always telling me “you don’t big yourself up enough” its sad but she’s right, I don’t. But that’s because I feel like I’m lying ( if that makes sense) so many people lie or extend the truth that I feel like I have to compensate by being normal on my resume which sounds stupid (but not to me, until now, reading it back) I’m killing my future with mayger basic-itus.basic 2

Maybe I’m not proud enough of my accomplishments because my resume doesn’t reflect my personality or achievements AT OIL (it’s my new way of saying at all). How many of us are under playing abilities on our resume this means because we don’t have the confidence to sell ourselves, we the true hard workers are being overlooked and classed as basic. I have to do some serious soul searching as to how I write about myself.

If your applying for jobs and your not getting any interviews maybe you too sound like a “basic bitch” on paper. Go and get a valued second opinion from someone in the same field as you, who you trust and ask them to read your resume. Its always good to get a outside perspective to help you think outside the box.

Think about it …………………..


basic 4

This outfit is so simple, I used basic staples like these linen grey trousers from Warehouse (old item) and this white top from Zara (also old). I added pops of colour with this coat from Zara (new) and leather tote bag from Karen Millen (old) to complete the look. I added touches of gold with these cat eye glasses from other stories (old) and gold plated link necklace from Karen Millen (new). The sun was shining the weather was warm with a slight cold breeze and i wanted to keep my look cool with a slight edge. With a coat like this there’s no need to over style underneath. but if you look closely you can see my top has drape detailing and a tight fit, to add a modern twist I grabbed the front  of the hem on my top, knotted it and tucked it underneath for a sexy element.


basic 5Make up is very new to me in a sense that all I ever had was the basics, which was foundation and mascara. Totally unaware of primer, colour correcter and ect, I had issues with my make-up but I never knew all these little things could help with oily skin and de-colouration on the face. Thanks to YouTube and instagram I can choose what make-up style will suite me, what to buy and how to apply it.  So here is my recent routine I know it’s basic (lol) but this is the look I’m after especially for day time.

basic 6

Thanks for reading and check out my latest post if you haven’t already.




  1. Fashion

    Loving this look

  2. Love that yellow Zara coat and how you have put together your outfit and I like how your make is done, totally compliments your outfit.

  3. You’re looking pretty damn good when you’re basic! Love the coat.

  4. That coat looks amazing on you and your makeup compliments so well!

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