March 16, 2015

Get to know me; At my own pace!!

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Happy birthday to you…..

This month has started off at a fast pace,  My website is now 1 year older and i am no longer a newbie at blogging as it was also Outfittingme 1 year anniversary.  And to kick of the beginning of the month i celebrated a close friend’s birthday with food, drinks, music and blogging, I took this opportunity to restart my blog with this outfit post. I never stopped blogging but February was difficult, concerning my posts. I didn’t have time to take pictures of my outfits; when I did go out on my days off, I did not have the motivation to recreate my past outfits and think about content or concepts.

my own pace 2

Moaning aside, which I’ve been doing allot lately, as I haven’t blogged in a while.  To calm myself and bring my emotional state down from 100 all the way back to 50 I’ve been saying to myself “Do it at your own pace”. Rest is so important, we all need rest and most of the time R & R centres you and brings you good revelations. But isn’t it weird that with rest a hint of guilt always manages to crawl out of a dark hole climb on your chest and stare you straight in the face.

I think that when I’m resting, I’m missing out on something or losing something; I feel like I’m falling behind on the race to good life, and this was the name of my guilt! (that was giving me the side eye) while I was resting. But I just kept thinking to myself “do things at your own pace”.

my own pace 3

The race is real in my mind and it’s healthy in moderation. I have a check-list of what I would like to achieve and I compare myself to the year before to make sure there is a tangible difference.  But if I start to compare myself to other people this is where it becomes harmful and this is when I have to repeat “do things at your own pace”.  The same luck or positive validations never happen the same to different people and whatever worked for your neighbour doesn’t mean it will work for you.

I believe that my new motto “do things at your own pace” is the beginning of the Get to know me journey. If I truly understand my unique point of difference and embrace it then I will become the best version of myself (which is my main goal).

my own pace 6

Not only do I want my readers to get to know me but I also want to get to know myself and trying to keep the pace with everyone else will only further the distance away from my goal of becoming my better self.

See what wisdom comes from resting, if you’re a deep thinker like me then I suggest sometimes taking that day off of work and doing nothing but things that make you happy because you end up with a new motto. (and yes I said a day off from work)

The Outfit

my own pace 5

Thanks to my friend being super organised for her birthday, I had enough time to plan my outfit and the look I was after. I wanted to be sexy in a simple effortless way. I had a few ideas e.g a dress or an embellished something and even a lace bra-let with tailored trousers but it didn’t feel like the right statement.

“Sexy in a simple effortless way”.

I wanted to wear denims and a cropped top, sounds effortless and simple right! But it’s the most worn look and it can be so ordinary, right!

So, how did I make it sexy?

It had to be a good fit; tight fitting jeans and a plain crop top with a nice sexy fit and in a good colour. I started off at Topshop, as you do; trying on their jeans in white and some of their crop tops and I loved the jeans but the tops were just ordinary and didn’t have that wow fit. So I left with the jeans. And then went to River island next, knowing I’ll find the crop top but then stumbled across white skinny jeans with slit detailing going down the leg so I thought I’d try it. And for £5 than the Topshop jeans I knew it was worth it, it added that bit extra that I wanted plus the denim wasn’t as see through as the Topshop versions.

my own pace 1

River Island had it on point for the crop tops, they have so many versions and I ended up taking 5 different styles in the fitting room and bought two as I could not decide which I liked better. I went with white as it was simple and effortlessly chic and appropriate for the dinner occasion.

I finished off the look with a gold chocker necklace and blue bag by Karen Millen, my mum’s coin charm bracelet and blue strappy shoes by Zara, again sexy, simple and effortless.

my own pace 4

Thanks for reading and check out my latest post if you haven’t already.



  1. Good to see you back, you look amazing. Love the blue heels and bag – looks lovely! x

  2. Happy Blog Birthday sugar!
    This post is amazing! You’ve put so much detail and effort in especially to the images – looks like a magazine!
    Defiantly going to follow you on BlogLovin’
    Thanks for sharing this post hun – glad I found you
    Charlotte x

    • Lessette

      Aww thanks Charlotte, glad you liked my post.

  3. Great to have you back blogging. You were missed. Your love of a unique style is infectious. I hope you have a wonderful week.


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