June 17, 2015

Get to know me; Noticing how far I’ve come

Ready or not, here I come I can't hide, I'm going to find me and take it slowly.

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I never noticed or shall I say I’m noticing now, how limited I was before. Looking back at my life, wardrobe and mind, I had strict guidelines I never allowed myself to blur. Which is hilarious as I always thought I was open minded. I’ve always been interested in styling yet my personal style was good but not expansive for e.g. I would only wear light lipstick, didn’t have black shoes and mostly wore flats on my casual days. Clashing prints have never been an issue neither have experimenting with shapes and silhouette but there was a mould to fit in. And my completed image had already been done. But now I’m noticing more than ever the urge to different be individual and to offer my perspective of beauty. Not everyone has to look the same there is space for different and uniqueness. All I have to do is pin point my uniqueness and harness it by ignoring conventional beauty.noticing

The struggle is real with finding your own beauty because everyone promotes the old forms of beauty; conventional beauty is in brands, conventional beauty is companies and conventional beauty is promoted by businesses, therefore the journey to discovering your own beauty becomes fragmented and distorted. Being conventional can make you comply, why? It’s easier, it’s a trend, and you’ll fit in and maybe gain acceptance. I guess that’s why social media apps like INSTAGRAM and TUMBLR are popular; it provides images of different types of beauty. But the downside to those apps are once again the promotion of conventional beauty. I want to celebrate my own beauty but first I have to find it (lol) and then harness my uniqueness. This year my wardrobe is receiving new and unusual items because I’m choosing to expand past my old styling habits. My life is changing and moving towards a creative path because I’m allowing myself to concentrate on my creative side and my mind is noticing how far I’ve come and how much  I’m colouring outside the lines a little bit more each day.noticing pic 2


noticing pic 1This was a last minute decision; I had just received these new snake print ankle booties from public desire and wanted to pair them with something. Originally I was thinking separates; like a skirt or denims jeans but decided to keep it simple and opted for this beautiful folky dress from Zara (old) the sun was out, shining bright and the air was warm but still fresh. It was such a beautiful day and what better way to spend it then in a forest with nature taking pictures and getting bitten, you should see my legs, they are swollen as a motherf#*k .noticing pic 4

I kept my make up simple focusing on my lips with a pop of colour and brightening my eyes with matt powder 1 shade lighter then my skin tone and with a yellow pigment. It’s a day look so the motto was and always is to look as natural as possible. My hair has taken a new change it’s shorter and curly with a violet tint which will eventually turn to grey. My hair is a full weave with a little bit of my own hair around the perimeter of my face and the hair type is peruvian kinky curl. It’s been a 3 week hair journey to get to this look and now it’s all about developing the grey tones. So in weeks to come my hair will look even better and may be a little different.noticing pic 3


Some asked me if I thought innovation was dead; I’m starting to believe that maybe innovation is made by mistake from mistakes and not on purpose. My Answer; no i don’t believe innovation is dead i think most of us believe innovation should look, feel and sound a certain way and that’s why innovation looks the same (or seems lack luster) most of us are not willing to go with the flow and enjoy the mistakes (including me).

I loved this look so much I thought “lets do another outfit vlog” this way you will see the dress live and watch how it moves as sometimes the pictures just doesn’t do the outfit justice. Please remember to thumbs up the video if you like it and subscribe to my youtube channel for more uploads.

Thanks for reading and check out my latest post if you haven’t already.




  1. Lovely post and lovely outfit! I love the effects you do on your pics too!

    Rebecca Ann x

  2. what an amazing outlook to have on your life and beauty, I wish I was a little more like this. sometimes I think I am but the reality is I am rather reserved. I love the lilac tint to your hair so so pretty.

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