May 18, 2015

Get to know me; why is he styling you?

Why are boyfriends the new live-in stylist.

front cover

front cover

I mean full on stylist suggestions!!

I am shocked ladies, let me just state; how disappointed I am in our species . Has the independence just drained out of our bodies completely. Please tell me, Why & when, did we allow are boyfriends to govern what is and isn’t on trend or what looks good or not on our female anatomy, and I’m not talking about industry fashion stylist or designer’s, I’m talking about domestic live-with boyfriends , baby daddies and husbands.

why 1

Maybe being single of two years has clouded my judgement to this trend, but I don’t like it and I don’t understand when the hell it started. I often wondered at what stage women lose the “know how” of what suits them and what’s in trend and now,I think I KNOW WHY and when.The moment you take your bf shopping Is where it all goes wrong and down hill (I believe).

why 2

I know a hater when I see one and sometimes they live among your friend circle unnoticed. So I understand if you don’t trust your friends to give you honest shopping opinions but that doesn’t mean your bf, bd (baby daddy) or hubby is a good or even better choice. Why? because they live under 3 umbrellas, 4 if your lucky;


  • 1, Don’t care you look all-right in everything (which we know ,isn’t true),
  • 2, I know best about everything (when you know, you don’t),
  • 3, I don’t want anybody else to find you attractive (which is so stupid, if your attractive, all clothes even a sack will NOT effect you being beautiful or attractive)
  • And in rare cases, if your lucky to have found number 4 which is; I’ll support you in everything while giving my honest opinion guy.

And that’s rare but beautiful thing when you witness it, Working in retail means I have witnessed all 3 interactions and none of them are worth the opinion apart from umbrella 4 (I REPEAT, its a rare thing)

why 3

Who has time for hidden agendas, I don’t. That’s why I’ve taken the time to get to know myself which is highly important . We all have insecurities no one is perfect in a consumer driven world so embracing uniqueness is hard and comes with acceptance, time, practise and experience. When I was in my late teens I considered plastic surgery, why?. My boobs, in my eyes where too small and I didn’t feel like I filled my tops in the most womanly way. But thanks to time, Aaliyah, Kate Moss and Rihanna I have examples of small chested women looking equally sexy, I didn’t need a man’s acceptance or opinion just a different perception.why 4

My overall point ladies, is, if you don’t know what suits you, how the hell is the opposite sex going to know (unless their a stylist or designer). You have dressed yourself all these years and done it well (may I add) before him and maybe that’s one of the reasons why you stood out to him. So if you dressed yourself successfully before, what’s changed?

Why is he styling you?


 It was another sunny day when I took these pictures and in the early afternoon I popped down to the showroom of blow pr to see the new collection for Autumn winter. I wanted to feel relaxed and opted for this green spotted top from warehouse (old) for a feminine twist to a hard edge look. I thought I would go a step further this time and filmed a short vlog on my outfit so you can see the look in person.

My make-up is very simple, which is my make-up goal. I want to keep the focus on my lips with pops of colour and flawless base in my foundation and ect. Here I used a grey eye pencil as a lip pencil as I love the grey look I’ve been seeing lately but yet again this lip colour is hard to track down as they are all international so a true artist (or a desperate one) improvises. why-make up

Thanks for reading and check out my latest post if you haven’t already.




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