February 24, 2014

Hello and welcome to my style blog

ofme blog coverHello and welcome to my style blog, my name is Lessette and I live in the cusp of London and Essex .I’m trying to think of words and sentences to describe my love of fashion without sounding cliché, (but I can’t) so I won’t explain with words but with my future blog entry’s. Hopefully you will understand my vision of style and see how I grow and change my take on fashion and trends. My declaimer; I will always try new styles and trends that suit my personal lifestyle and taste, so, with all that aside this is my first entry into the world of blogging.

This look is all about Monochrome;
Head band; American Apparel: here
Earrings; River Island: here
Necklace; similar: here
Plain Tee; similar: here
Black long line cardigan; similar: here
Pattern Jeans; similar: here
Cut out boots; Linzi shoes: here

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