November 25, 2015

Let’s talk about new age HOES

Because some things change and some things stay the same!!

new age hoe frontpageIf words are; letters blocked together to create communications of understandings amongst so called groups of intellectuals.


Why do empty letters have the power to evict spontaneous levels of emotion?

And (wait for it, my epiphany is coming to a crescendo)

Why does a sentence of dialog or empty scribbles on a screen have a strong hold over you and I?

It’s simple

new age pic 3 US!!

As in you and me, we are so powerful that we re-create and manifest the words into being with meaning via waves of emotion.

You’re questioning; how this relates to new age hoes.

Well I believe that the meaning of the word whore now more famously used as HOE  or THOT (That Hoe Over There) has changed.

Due to the pop culture; music, art, politics, economics, fashion, social media and ect the old meanings of whore no longer applies apart from one.

The word Whore used a lot in the middle ages meant “prostitute, promiscuous woman, slutsex workercall girlwhite slave” and more. ( look it up if you don’t believe me)


Let’s address the ones I believe do not apply to the new age hoes.

new age pic 4

  1. Sex worker, this sounds hell-a basic and stupid. This sounds like children cussing each other on the playground (your mums a sex worker oooooooeeewwww). Remember when you was younger and you thought sex was a swear word that’s what this sounds like. And as I feel this word is redundant I will do this nation a favour and put the word sex worker to sleep. Bye bitch…. (NEXT)
  1. Prostitute and a promiscuous person are two different people one chooses to experiment with sex because it’s their human right and the other choose sex as an occupation to finance their life or lifestyle. They shouldn’t belong under the same meaning it’s a contradiction and therefore this doesn’t apply to the updated description of a new age HOE (NEXT)new age pic 2
  1. Call girl and slut both insinuate that only women or unclean women can be labelled a whore and therefore that has automatically been disregarded as a fail for the current definition of a new age HOE along with the association of a race like white. (Raciest dictionary) Let’s get this all the way right the 21st century of new age hoe is race-less, classless, religious-less, genderless and may have OCD. OKAY (NEXT)


But…………. the word slave!!!

I believe this is the perfect impression of a new age Hoe and I’ll explain why?

The new definition of a Hoe;

A Hoe is a person who disregards or discredits oneself for admiration or acceptance. (It’s a slave like mindset)

It’s not about sex at all it’s about selling yourself out for recognition of others. There are many outputs and yes one of them can lead to someone having sex or being abused because they want to be loved. But the slave mindset of I can’t do better that equals new age hoe.

Disregarding oneself for acceptance

~OR~new age pic 1

It could be a person acting disrespectful in public because of rep despite the fact he or she knows it’s wrong but it’s the slave mindset of I can’t look like a pussy in front of my peers that equals new age hoe.

Disregarding oneself for acceptance


It can be a leader of a tribe or group of people who lies about their integrity. Says one thing and does another; dabbles in back doors bills (in silence) from big corporations for money despite the negative health or financial effects to civilians. But again it’s that slave mindset of class, more money and peer admiration that equals a new age hoe.

Discredits oneself (lying) for admiration


I can go on and on with new age hoe examples but as intellectuals you probably understand my empty scribbles of blocked letters.


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