June 20, 2014


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(Trill means “real” in rap terms)

I fell into the blogging scene a year ago, I was not aware of the growing community of open women and men sharing their thoughts, outfits or lifestyle on the web (I know, shocking how late I am). My first real contact or first stumble into the world of blogging was by accident on YouTube. I wanted to know how to apply the perfect smoky eye and video after video I ended up at the Patricia Bright channel (I know this is not blogging but hold on I’m getting there).  I then found sites like Lookbook nu, “Today I’m wearing” and Asos fashion finder etc. All of this then led me on to fashion and style bloggers and my love for blogs began.


They offer me content that I’ve been longing for from the hundreds of magazines bought and read over the many years. Like so many of you, I too love a good Fashion Mag. But there’s only so much I can take of advert after advert of designer campaigns and editorials showing expensive products. I have not yet learnt to attract in to my life and fabulously growing wardrobe. Also I am not the type who enjoys a  lot of quick quiz’s or tops tips on how to attract the opposite sex or the top 5 best sexual positions to try.

My personal preferences is a lot of fashion mood boards and trend reports, celebrity red carpets and advice about hair, makeup and more (the list can go onnnnnnn).


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  1. I was inspired!!!  Who doesn’t like journaling down their personal experiences and thoughts and then sharing it. And if you say not you, you’re lying, why? Because we all have Facebook, twitter and ECT .Theses are all platforms that allow us to share our personal experiences or thoughts with others. And if you don’t have any of these accounts then I guess, you don’t like sharing your experience and I’m sorry, for calling you a liar.
  2. I like my style!!!  There is nothing worse or more annoying than a wasted outfit. And with a fashion/personal style blog these days become extinct. Because someone’s bound to see it, like it, share it or comment on it.
  3. And final WHY NOT!! I have nothing to lose if I tried something new. If I don’t like it or enjoy doing it, I can always stop.

I feel that blogging empowers us all to embrace our individuality.  Loads of us have different lives, advice and stories to tell, which most of us can relate too and are in need to hear.  This blogging sphere bridges the gap; if I try a new brand or product it’s usually because I have asked my friends or have found availed recommendations.  And being that I’m a Taurus (who hates change) it can take me a while to try a certain product or new brand.


Big companies and massive brands, why?  They are pretty good at lying. They spend huge amounts of money on big budget adverts to bribe us into believing that our personal lives are not important enough without their products.  Their business thrives on our inability to love ourselves and our ability to find fault with our social, financial and physical imperfects (imperfects set out by them).


You’re not perfect if your hair doesn’t shine, you’re not cool if you don’t drive the newest car. Buy our nail polish it has the fastest dry time and no chip affect or buy into our pay day loans to help pay for a holiday your neighbours wished they were going to.

Too much voice’s screaming the same message, the message that there is something wrong with us. Or that the benefits or features about this item will encourage others to feel like there is something wrong with them. Because of this blatant lie, I have a massive mistrust against these companies or brands. But what if a product is good or a brand is telling the truth “how would you know”.


Thanks to blogging, we know can learn from each other’s mistakes or share good reviews. I think we are all starting to hear and understand the messages loud and clear that these brands and companies have been enforcing for years. And I believe that we are all getting sick of not feeling good about ourselves. We are creative individuals who make the world go round and we are gaining our power back.

Blogging is the start or us connecting with each other and gaining the confidence and strength to know that we matter no matter our gender, colour, background, ability or disability etc.

I started my blog in March this year and with each post I am developing my own style of writing. I was never that good at English and grammar but that hasn’t put me off spreading my fingers and typing away. Plus I feel a bit like Carrie Bradshaw from SEX AND THE CITY (love this show ,too much).

Thank you all for reading my blog, I have received great feedback so far and I hope you continue to come back and continue the journey with me.

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Visit the rest of my site Outfittingu I’m a stylist so if you need my assistance contact me.

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  1. Good for you Lessette. We can learn up to a point from the experts on blogs and blogging but If you blog mainly for fun then no-one knows more about being you than you do. When it comes to branding the most important quality is integrity so keep Trill !

  2. Like you I am finding my writing style and with it the confidence to blog. The more you write the more feedback you get, the more you understand the audience, and the most important thing is you understand yourself better. All the best.

  3. Hi Lessette; thanks for sharing your story about how and why you started blogging. and I thought your writing was just fine. I had no idea grammar and punctuation aren’t your thing. I just started my second blog this week to give me a place to share my story separate from the blog for my website where i help people sell amusement equipment. I look forward to reading more of your posts. thanks again and take care, Max the blind blogger

  4. Hi Lessette – enjoyed your post. Like you, I blog just because I blog – no other reason and I am very much enjoying it although sometimes I become overwhelmed by discovering all the things I don’t know. Anyway, keep on blogging away and keep loving it.

  5. It’s good to read about the reason you started your blog. It’s a great way of sharing ideas, learning new things and make friends.

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