April 19, 2014

Past Looks

Welcome to my style blog, Outfitting-me/Past looks

Outfittingme with strapline Past Looks!!

Welcome to my past looks, this post is a bit different. This week I thought I should show you some of my past looks before I started blogging. I think the saying is “Sometimes We Need to Go Backward Before We Can Move Forward” and what better time than now ,to look back at  some of my past looks before we continue on in the future with new looks.

I would like to take this time to thank you for reading my blog and I hope that so far you are enjoying my thoughts and style entries. At the moment I blog once a week about my style, which goes live on a Saturday, so make sure you come back each weekend to Outfittingu blog ;Outfitting-me to catch up on what I’ve posted.

When getting ready I always think about what I want to centre my outfit around, what is the statement with this look, sometimes it’s an accessory like shoes, necklace or an item of clothing like a dress or a skirt and sometimes the statement is a feeling or a message.

How do you pick your outfits? Do you have a theme like me or a key item you dress around?

Comment below, I would love to read your responses.

Past Look 1

(The statement of this look is my tartan dress, I bought it from clothes show live over 8 years ago and it’s still on trend and in perfect condition, one of my favourite pieces)

check dress

 Past Look 2

(The statement item of this look was the maxi skirt, I love the colour and the way it moves when you walk, it’s a summer skirt but I layered it with tights and a heavy weight jumper so it was ideal to wear in the winter)

organe maxi

Past Look 3

(The statement message for this look was; relaxed yet sexy, I was going out for Christmas, a last minute thing and there’s nothing simpler and sexy then picking up a jersey slouchy tee and wearing it with peep toe booties and a skirt)

feather skirt

Past Look 4

(The statement items of this look was my orange jumper and tartan shirt, who says winter dressing can’t be bright and stylish yet practical and warm)

winter blues

Past Look 5

(The statement of this look is my glitter brogues, how fab are they!! I love them but i hardly wear these as they make so much mess, I seem to leave a trail or silver glitter like a pixy or a fairy lol)

glitter shoes

Past Look 6

(This look was inspired by one of Rihanna’s past looks; I love how she styled her knee high boots and slouchy jumper. And again I wanted to feel comfortable yet confident and sexy for a last minute Christmas doo plus I wanted to be warm and thanks to a bit of inspiration from Ri-ri I achieved the look and feel of my own personal brief)

bootspast look style inspiration

Past look 7/8/9

(Now, I am not a fan of Christmas jumpers, however the jumpers last year were really nice and stylish and as a personal stylist I always say to my clients “try something you wouldn’t normally go for, you might be surprised and actually like it” and I found myself saying this exact paragraph to myself in the mirror when my Nan gave me it for Christmas)


I liked this jumper so much and I wore it aaaaalot over the christmas period.



  1. cute outfits there! i”m especially loving the one in pastel pink sweater and denim cutoffs! <3

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    AL xx
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  2. love the outfits and the article you wrote!! I loved the whole concept with past looks and statement outfits!!

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