July 15, 2015

RETAIL ALERT; 3 Reasons You Should Watch The True Cost Of Fashion.  

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The true cost of fashion is a documentary based on the harsh reality of low priced fast fashion.

It reveals the hidden dangers and negative effects on us, the consumers and skilled workers producing these crafted garments.

This dress I’m wearing is from forever21 and originally I was going to highlight 3 fan-tab-ulous reasons to shop with them this summer.  But in revision on watching this documentary I couldn’t proceed.The true cost of fashion 2.1


I  was over the moon to receive my dresses through the post for at total of £65.99 but the harsh reality that potentially others could of suffered harsh working conditions to assemble this dress; the farmers contaminating their bodies and land to harvesting the materials for this dress has landed me(mentally and spiritually ) in a box labelled hypocrite.

Let me highlight loudly and for all to read; I am not or neither is this post accusing the brand forever 21 of this inhuman act.The true cost of fashion 1

But I do now question “how do they get the prices so low and who or what does it affect”

The documentary ;The true cost of fashion has opened my eyes, ears and Hart into realising how I have contributed to the suffering of the skilled workers who have clothed and continue to cloth my back.

I believe that we all, as living beings should have the right to live successfully with the opportunity of healthy education, healthy health care and more but I never thought about anyone else but me, my friends, family and country I live in.
The true cost of fashion opened my mind and soul into thinking about others outside my prism.the true cost of fashion 5

And that’s why I want to give you (yes you)

3 reasons why you should watch this documentary;

1) Be aware; awareness provokes change and this documentary will wake you up and make you aware of potential dangers of environmental damage and human rights violation that is being caused right now.

2) Learn: learning is always a positive, this documentary will teach you how companies force skilled workers to work under low budgets in return of more profits.

AndThe true cost of fashion 3

3) Change; I’m now thinking how I can change my buying habits.  I’m also spreading my perspective from this documentary in hopes that you will feel the same and continue to spread the word.
My hopes are that we question the way things are done and work together to find better, new and fair ways of making and disposing of clothes.

Here is a link to the true cost of fashion facebook page to start your awakening.

Thank you for reading this post here’s a link to my last entry.The true cost of fashion 6




  1. This has really opened my eyes to what really goes into making our designer clothing. From high street to high-fashion many brands are not cruelty free and it is up to us to promote fair-trade labour, where workers are not suffering to give us new clothes x

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