There is an easy method of paying by using our hand held terminal at the consultation.

Consultation fee is a payment that will have to be secured before the session, once your appointment has been agreed and booked by the specialist, clients will then finalize consultation booking here.

In receipt of consultation payment clients will receive a confirmation email stating payment received,specialist name and consultation date.

Service fee

Option 1 (For example first payment £147.50 last payment £147.50) This is broken down into two instalments, the first 50% of the instalment is secured at the end of the consultation, and the final instalment fee is required at the final day of the service. Option 2 (One payment) This is a full payment of the service fee, at the end of the consultation.

We accept Cash, Visa, Master card and American Express and electronic payments e.g. bank transfer and pay pal. (Customers do not have to have a PayPal account to secure payment)

PayPal Acceptance Mark