July 2, 2015


The "IT" shirt

THE SHIRTThe perfect shirt is a staple item I’ve been chasing for 6 whole months.


Let me explain; I want a new look, something more edgy which will allow me to still be sweet and classy when I’m in the mood to show those qualities. SOoo, I cleaned out my closet last year to decide what items I have and need to steer my new style in the right direction. I realised that my current wardrobe had a split personality disorder with a love for all things summer and I also realised that I was missing a few staple items that could potentially help me to develop my new and improved style . The “go between” pieces AKA “staple” AKA “bridge the gap” items where none existent meaning outfit building could become difficult, so the mission was set; find the right staple, achieve my desired style.


Changing your style is easy, the myth; that you need a whole new wardrobe in order to achieve the result IS A LIE. But what do you do when the struggle is real and your budget isn’t as big as you like.

Think about what key items you need to attain the desired look and then edit your wardrobe to see what items you have, don’t need or need to keep .The aim is to see if you can recreate the desired look with the items you already own. And then highlight what additional pieces you need to buy to solidify the look. For example accessories, new makeup, a new hairstyle or footwear. It’s about changing your buying habits to suit your new style.THE SHIRT 5This has taken time, 6 months of window shopping wondering if I’ll ever get it right (sense the tone has turnt dramatic). THEN a shiny new day came when collarless, sleeveless, to fitted, wrong colour, too expensive, cheap fabric, not sure, bad fit were no longer my argument. I finally found “IT” the perfect shirt (for now).THE SHIRT 2

You know, when you know, you found it, well I knew. Look at it, the shape, the colour and the fabric. It’s from ZARA and it costs £29.99 and I LIKE IT (ALOT) I liked it so much I bought it’s twin in another colour (whoops)
My shirt hunting days are not over this is just the beginning. But for now this shirt is a good step in the right direction.THE SHIRT 4
The staple edit is a new section to my blog. This means whenever I buy an important “go between ” piece AKA “staple” AKA “bridge the gap” item. I will talk about it here (obviously) under the title staple edit .
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Thank you for reading my blog I hope you’ve enjoyed it  and heres a link to my latest postTHE SHIRT 3




  1. What a great find! I do the same thing buying duplicates of great pieces.

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