I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, for booking with OUTFITTINGU for your Personal Fashion services.
I do hope that you do enjoy your experience.


All client information is held for 6 months under the data protection act.
OUTFITTINGU refers to all members of staff as specialists.
All members of staff will be listed on the website with a photo and name so you are aware of who works for OUTFITTINGU. All clients will receive an email to confirm name of the specialist and time and date of the consultation.
A client should never receive an email from a specialist at an unsuitable hour or day via personal email; all emails sent to the client should be from OUTFITTINGU.
All emails between Specialist and clients will be monitored.
Your chosen specialist will be there to carry out the full service from start to finish. If your specialist has to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances then there will be no extra charge for another specialist to carry on the service. There will be a full hand over between the two specialist so your needs are fully understood and carried out to the best. And all clients will receive another email to confirm specialist name, time and date of first meeting.
Members of staff will only be allowed to drink water in your place of residence or company, employees will not be allowed to eat or drink inside your home or smoke on, around or near your personal property.

OUTFITTINGU you believe in equally opportunity and do not tolerate any form of discrimination towards clients Age, Gender, Race, Religion or Disability.
If you have booked any of our services that require our staff being in your home long periods of time, we ask that the client check members of staff bags and pockets and date and sign relevant document form before entry of the home and before exit of the home. We also ask that if you have appointed someone else to be present in your home while the service takes place that you let us know and email us a copy of that persons signature so we can check documents against our files.
Staff will not be permitted to walk into other rooms of your house without signed permission.
Staff should never ask for commission or gifts for their service.


To safe guard the staff of OUTFITTINGU we ask that all personal information about you is correct and as a safety precaution all clients will be checked on all social media sites. If we do find out that information given is incorrect client will be notified of immediate cancellation and no refund will be permitted as a good will gesture of wasting our time.
We do not tolerate aggressive or abusive language or actions towards are members of staff and will terminate services effectively if staff should feel threatened. You will not receive a refund of consultation fee or service fee but will receive a full refund of budget given. You also be liable for prosecution.
We do not tolerate fraudulent card or cash payment we are within our right to hand over all your personal information to the police or bank officials and you will be liable for prosecution.
We ask that you give OUTFITTINGU 24hr notification of another person presence at a consultation or service. If we are not notified it can result in your consultation or service date being cancelled and rescheduled.
If you have booked any of our services that require us to be in your home at long periods of time we ask that your room is obstruction free and that it’s clear and a safe environment for e.g tidy bedroom, bolted down wardrobes and no broken draws.


All payments are secured and no information his held on devices.
OUTFITTINGU accept Visa, MasterCard and American express.
OUTFITTINGU also accepts cash, PayPal and bank transfer payments.
All transaction comes with a receipt.

PayPal Acceptance Mark


If you wanted to cancel service within 24hrs after signing the contract there will be no further charge. So you’ll receive a full refund of service fee and budget amount.
If you cancel service within 48hrs after signing the contract or in the middle of your service there will be a fee of £65. You will receive the full amount of budget and remaining service fee.

Thank You