July 21, 2014

I would like to”Thank you” Twitter

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 To tweet or not to tweet?

The last two weeks have been super busy thanks to twitter. I have felt so accomplished in the last weeks then I have in a long time. I made connections with creative individuals while having fun and learning along the way. I’ve shared my experiences through pictures and videos on Outfittingu facebook page, instagram and twitter. There you will find loads of the behind scene pictures of all the photo shoots I have assisted on or organised.

Who would have thought that meeting strangers on social media (which is normally a scary thing), would feel so comfortable and natural. But then again we do all have a mutual interest and shared goals.

twitter pic 3 twitter pic


Week one

I have been looking for creative people I could collaborate with for photo shoots. Having a portfolio is very important in the styling community and it has to be consistently updated with new concepts. So I started following a company/organisation called shooting beauty (shooting beauty helps creative’s with planned photos shoots and jobs, for; hair stylist, stylist etc).  Once a week on a sunday around 8 O’clock using the hashtag #sbhour you can join in their twitter chat and get connected.

One week on the chat I found great contacts from MUA, Photographers and more. One of the photographers called Johnny contacted me and asked if I wanted to style a shoot and despite my apprehension I said YES.twitter pic 4

Why was I apprehensive, I have no clue, but I find that, these days I worry too much. I think more about how much things can go wrong more than how right things can turn out.  The shoot turned out fantastic so I’m glad that I ignored my doubts.

The shoot was focused on jewellery and due to this I wanted to emphases on this so the outfits were minimal in colour and fit. We had two female models and to add contrast we mirrored the colour of the outfits, one girl wore lighter tones of grey and white and the other wore darker tones of grey and black. The shoot was on location in Liverpool Street, we found a random sitting area that suited our shoot concept. It was surrounded by office buildings and a pub, which could have been awkward for the girls, but they handled all the attention really well. We used bed sheet as a changing area holding it around them so they could get ready in private. (As private as you can get in the middle of a busy city)

Here are a few pictures from that shoot

photo shoot

This moodboard shows the inspiration behind the photoshoot. Make sure to follow me and Outfittingu on twitter and instagram.


Week 2

Thanks again to twitter I made another connection; Johnny added me to a tweet that was asking for a stylist assistant to help out, with 3 photo shoots. And I was available to help, so I tweeted back, and the lovely Porsha head stylist and creative director of PATENT MAGAZINE answered. We followed each other on twitter and then messaged back and forth regarding important details and the rest was history.twitter pic 5

I had a great time helping out for Patent magazine,not only did I learn A LOT but I met some great people that I wouldn’t of came in contact with, if it wasn’t for twitter.This is a sneak peek at one of the photo shoots for patent magazine, be sure to follow the mag on twitter for the big reveal of the fantastic photo shoots i assisted on. One of the shoots have already gone live so pop over there and have a look.

twitter photo shoot 2

I have now realised how much I love meeting new people and experiencing new things, I never really thought that I could be that type of person who could thrive in an unknown group or settings. I’ve always said in interviews and on my CV that I am an adaptable personality but I never really took the time to actually notice that I REALLY AM.



I kept this look very simple as you can tell, hardly any makeup and hair pulled back. I was too busy so this look helped me look stylish on the go. This dress i bought from topshop over 6 years ago and it’s one of my favourite dresses. I believe it compliments my figure so well; it’s uber versatile, i’ve worn it cute with ballet flats, sexy with black knee high boots and casual with my hi-top adidas trainers.

I thought i would bring a tough vibe with a twist of effortless to this dress by pairing it with my leather vest from WAREHOUSE and zip up army boots from ZARA.

Be sure to check out last weeks post. 

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  1. Sounds like you are having great success with your connections through Twitter. Good Job! And I LOVE the outfit:)

  2. That is very cool. When you think about it, it’s all about community, connecting and building relationships. You reached out, worked it and you’ve had great success. YAY!

  3. What an inspiration for connecting, creating, and nurturing relationships via social media! I can relate to being skeptical (worrying) and visualizing what could go wrong, rather than visualizing the good that could come! Just goes to show that if you have enough faith in yourself to step outside your comfort zone (or as you put it: “meeting new people and experiencing new things”), opportunity comes knocking! You totally rock that dress too!

  4. You are really a success story with your ability to socially network your way into creative projects. Very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Mina Joshi

    Thanks for your Post. I must try and use Twitter a bit more. I have found great contacts through facebook but everyone has been telling me that Twitter is the way forward. Congratulations on finding some great projects to work on.

  6. Hi; thanks for sharing your twitter experience. its all about making connections and building relationships no matter where the first meeting takes place in person on the blog comments or through social media. good work, max

  7. Love those shades <3
    You are welcome to visit my blog —
    Message me on insta —

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